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Hot Market, Exceptional Benefits: Celebrated Builder Hiring San Antonio Purchasing Exec

Hot Market, Exceptional Benefits: Celebrated Builder Hiring San Antonio Purchasing Exec

San Antonio has become a remarkable place to build a construction career: Prices continue to climb while inventory recently hit a record low. Now, one of the country’s largest privately held builders will give the right person an opportunity to lead its purchasing in this thriving market. Competitive pay is just the beginning at this award-winning workplace. The newest member of its leadership will enjoy profit-sharing potential, outstanding retirement benefits, paid time off to volunteer and a robust professional development program.

The new purchasing manager for this division that generated nearly $130 million in revenue last year will assume a wide range of responsibilities with a long-term mindset and a focus on quality. Reporting to the division president, he or she will hire, train and coach a strong team. At the same time, this professional will reduce hard costs through skilled negotiations while applying a deep understanding of residential construction and design to uncover hidden savings. Responsibilities will include vendor and trade contractor selection and the maintenance of those relationships. The new manager also will conduct gross margin analyses, ensure consistent takeoffs and resolve project issues and changes.

The position calls for a relevant bachelor’s degree accompanied by at least one year in construction operations and five in purchasing management. This background should include estimating, related accounting and personnel management experience. The successful candidate will demonstrate knowledge of all functional areas of homebuilding. Familiarity with JD Edwards is preferred. The new purchasing manager also will prove exceptionally organized, communicating effectively across teams and prioritizing multiple demands that change frequently.

Christopher Frederick Search Consultants, a trusted national executive recruitment firm, has been retained to help find the right construction pro to join the leadership of this fast-growing division in San Antonio. If you feel your knowledge and experience would make a good fit, contact firm principal Chris Hingle at (713) 961-5582, email him at chris@chrisfred.com or visit www.chrisfred.com.

Hot Jobs – Especially in These Fields, Real Estate Pros Are In Demand

Hot Jobs – Especially in These Fields, Real Estate Pros Are In Demand

Things are moving again in real estate. Capital, consumers and employees have flowed back into the market over the last year. Companies are positioning themselves to meet the demand for housing and commercial space pent up over the last five years as the days of scarce financing and weak economic growth finally recede. Likewise, competition has once again heated up for leaders in highly skilled positions.

Hot Jobs

While it’s far from the only sector experiencing growth right now, construction has emerged as one of the most active areas of my recruiting practice in recent months. Professionals with land expertise are particularly in demand right now, with managers in purchasing coming in a close second. In commercial and multi-family real estate, I’ve seen consistent demand for acquisition professionals. Higher up the chain, I’ve also been filling positions for housing construction executives at the division level and regional property managers.

Now’s the Time

There’s wide demand for leadership across real estate specialties as companies rebuild their ranks to make the most of the ongoing recovery. For the professionals who dug in during the lean years, tackling new duties and widening their areas of expertise, 2014 is the year to think proactively about what’s next. Consider how you want to advance in the next five years while preparing yourself mentally to respond to unexpected job opportunities. Look to your former colleagues, peers and superiors. Are they jumping ship? Are they moving up or leveraging the demand for their skills to negotiate better compensation? Competition for talent will continue to ramp up in the foreseeable future, making this a great time to advance from a position if it no longer meets your professional needs.

Build Your Team

For hiring managers, this competition will make it essential to build a good team now, keeping in mind the potential for growth in the next five years. Widen your sphere of contacts, stay attuned to the professional development of longtime employees and keep an eye out for people who can fill positions requiring high-demand skills before those openings emerge.

Often, that process is frustrated by the deluge of off-the-mark applications generated by standard job advertising online. That’s why Christopher Frederick maintains a network of only real estate professionals and screens qualified applicants one-on-one for every position we recruit. We can quickly promote your critical openings by drawing from a database more than 200,000-strong, narrowed by specialty and location. To learn more about how we can save you time, money and work during your next executive search at no upfront cost, contact Chris Hingle at chingle@chrisfred.com.

For more than two decades, Christopher Frederick has helped place leaders with some of the largest companies in real estate. Visit our website at www.chrisfred.com where you can find exclusive job listings for real estate executives and read more about our one-of-a-kind approach to executive recruitment.

Hot Housing – Make the Most of Career Opportunities in the Recovering Residential Market

Hot Housing – Make the Most of Career Opportunities in the Recovering Residential Market

Last year brought indisputable evidence of a recovery in housing, with the National Association of Homebuilders reporting a 28 percent year-over-year increase in housing starts in 2012. Even amid the volatility caused by rising interest rates this summer, the pace of construction remains robust, and expanding homebuilders are on the lookout for talent. Now is the time for professionals in the industry to assess their prospects and make the most of a rebounding market.

From my own work as a recruiter offering a unique digital approach to executive hiring, the high-demand positions I see at the moment are in purchasing and in land acquisition/development. If your career resides in these areas, think strategically and study the market carefully to find a position offering the most headroom and potential for expanded responsibility in your area of expertise. If your skills fall in a different area, fear not. The recovery is providing motivated professionals with a degree of flexibility as companies begin rebuilding their diminished ranks.

The housing downturn left many managers and their employees hesitant to leave their present positions, rightfully fearing that a move to advance their careers might leave them with no job at all if prospects worsened at a new company. Some of that caution persists, but today’s business environment should inspire confidence that careers can once again rise with the prospects of homebuilders. Career-focused individuals should also keep in mind that their years helping firms muddle through the downturn also have value in their own right in the eyes of employers looking for hard-working, innovative people.

Hiring managers, too, face a different landscape when recruiting executives. The decline in housing wasn’t gradual and neither is the recovery. The people who left the industry have not necessarily been replaced with younger talent in recent years, so many employers have become more flexible in the way they hire and develop their leaders. Companies must think deeper than job titles and years of experience. What leadership responsibilities and decision-making skills are revealed by a candidate’s work experience? How did he or she add value during the recession? Smart people are easy to train. Can you find the devotion and talent you’re looking for in someone from a different career track, or even from another industry? The talent is out there and hungry for a piece of the long-awaited growth in housing. Likewise, housing professionals should draw confidence from the work they’ve done in recent years – a confidence that inspires them to excel as things are finally looking up. The housing recovery will be yours to prosper from as well.

For more than 25 years, Christopher Frederick has helped match ambitious professionals with leadership positions at some of the most successful firms in real estate. To learn more about how we can enhance your next executive search using our extensive digital network, contact Chris Hingle at chingle@chrisfred.com. Or visit our website at www.chrisfred.com where you can find exclusive job listings for real estate executives.

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