New Services for a New Year: Using Networking and Technology to Deepen Your Search

Whether searching for a new position or the perfect person to lead your company, few tools are as empowering as the Web technologies that now connect thousands of colleagues, job seekers and managers to one another. Job seekers now effectively create opportunities by passing along tips and connections that would remain undiscovered 10 years ago. The New Year calls for new innovation and a fresh approach to the job search.

To that end, Christopher Frederick offers a range of Web-based tools that go beyond the standard job boards and social networks. Our DiSC assessment service – a technology used by 135 Fortune 500 companies – provides employers and applicants alike with a quantitative inventory of their top work traits and leadership-relevant personality characteristics. We offer a widely read e-newsletter with insightful recruitment tips each month. And Christopher Frederick is proud to announce its new service that allows companies to promote their executive positions within our carefully curated network of 125,000-plus real estate professionals, entrepreneurs and driven individuals we communicate with on a regular basis. For 25 years, we’ve prided ourselves on producing world-class executives, and now Christopher Frederick takes business social networking to another level by creating highly personalized e-mail campaigns targeting the most qualified candidates by region and expertise. Consistent with the quality of our successful newsletter, this service integrates our network of professionals with technology that creates a streamlined process without sacrificing our sterling service.

“Our last two searches produced amazing results using our new, personalized e-mail campaigns. One client specifically called for executive candidates in a certain location, and the other targeted a specific type of industry experience. We put together a first-class promotion with rich content that was very well received by our network of professionals. Both searches concluded successfully, with our clients finding their targeted candidates within a week.”

— Christopher Frederick founder Chris Hingle

Regardless of the approach, the services offered by Christopher Frederick are rooted in decades of traditional executive recruitment expertise. Firm principal Chris Hingle knows how to find, screen and assess the talent and potential of professionals like no other recruiter. To learn more about how we can enhance your next executive search, contact us at or visit our website at

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