Jim Rosewater, Regional Vice President, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Charlotte, NC

I’d like to share with you a true success story about our company, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, and a custom homebuilder who found a career-changing way to break out in the Charlotte, N.C., market.

After 18 years in the business, Mitch Genda formed his own custom homebuilding company in 2007. Unfortunately, the housing market in Charlotte collapsed the next year, and Mitch found himself chasing renovation and remodeling work rather than custom build jobs. He was familiar with Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ sterling reputation in Florida, and in 2010 Mitch and his business partner became franchise owners.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes is the largest franchisor of custom homebuilders in the country. After Mitch began working with the company, he opened a beautiful model home in Fort Mill, S.C., in June 2011 to rave reviews. It was staffed by a sales team trained to use Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ unique, personalized floor plan process and rapid quoting system. The results of his relationship with Rutenberg thus far speak for themselves:

  • 15 pre-sold custom homes in 2011, most between June and December.
  • 3 pre-sold custom homes thus far in 2012.
  • The homes represent 10 different designs – demonstrating the strength and diversity of Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ Southern Design Collection.
  • The 2011 gross revenues of Mitch’s franchise, and the total number of homes sold, outperformed all other private custom builders in the greater Charlotte market. Not bad for a start-up in a down market.

Mitch, like all Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchisees, uses state-of-the-industry software to manage his business. The purchasing systems allow his team to make line-item cost comparisons with all other franchises, enabling lower costs. Pre-negotiated national purchasing programs with leading brands also help ensure the use of the right products at the right prices. These services are in addition to many other operating resources that help franchisees grow their successful homebuilding companies.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes continues to expand in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. With the assistance of our trusted recruitment expert Christopher Frederick, the company has recently established new franchises in Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C., and Orlando, Fla.

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