Press Release: Executive Recruiter Launches Monthly eNewsletter Series

HOUSTON—October 19, 2009— Chris Hingle, president of the Christopher Frederick executive recruitment firm, announced today the launch of a new monthly newsletter series designed to educate business leaders on issues in executive recruiting.

After more than 20 years as an executive recruiter, Hingle said the new resource will give readers insight into his experiences recruiting world-class executives and dealing with a number of issues, from executive compensation to organizing an executive search and more.

“Many people set out to search for an executive without a thorough understanding as to what it takes to successfully recruit talented executives,” Hingle said.

“I wanted to provide a resource that delivers the one fundamental truth which has helped make my firm a success: their long-term value is determined by who they hire today.”

The Christopher Frederick executive newsletter is available free of charge to business executives and leaders at Readers can also sign up for free newsletter delivery via email at

Hingle said newsletter subscriptions have flourished within the last month of distribution, with more executives signing on to receive this free expert business advice each day

“My readers have already discovered how this newsletter is changing the way they look at executive recruiting,” he said. “It really is an amazing resource.”

The executive recruiter’s first newsletter illustrates three essential factors for organizing a successful executive search; in November, Hingle tackles the often challenge world of executive compensation in “Dollars & Cents.”

About Chris Hingle
Executive recruiter Chris Hingle has been a trusted leader in recruiting talented leaders in homebuilding, property management and commercial development since 1985. A graduate of The Citadel in business, Hingle is recognized as one of the nation’s premier executive recruiters.

About Christopher Frederick
Christopher Frederick is an executive recruitment firm located in Houston, Texas, offering over 20 years of hands-on experience in recruiting world-class executives with integrity, responsibility and efficiency.

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