Headhunting the Headhunter: How to Make the Most of Your Executive Recruiter

Corporate leaders are not walking job descriptions. The traits that allow them to excel – knowledge, intuition, drive, talent, personality – are almost impossible to see between the lines of a resume. That’s why it is critical to conduct an executive search with the holistic approach of a professional recruiter.

Much has changed in real estate and in the broader economy in the last few years, as firms became leaner and connecting with candidates online became more dynamic. Even as Linkedin streamlines old-fashioned recommendations and sites like SelectLeaders bring a raft of talent to your computer screen, those tools are only useful if they enhance an informed search. Filling high-stakes positions successfully takes experience, industry expertise and detailed knowledge of the demands of a given position. It also takes an ability to detect talent beyond the trappings of application materials. How a company approaches its search can mean the difference between finding candidates who are merely qualified and those with the true potential to take the position to new heights.

How, then, to find the best recruiter – to headhunt the headhunter? Results trump pedigree. Look for a firm with a long track record in your industry, keeping in mind that recent market conditions mean many firms take on a broader client base within real estate than they used to. Likewise, at a time when few are hiring, a recruiter’s pool of potential candidates can be much more important than recent placements. A skillful recruiter builds upon his or her network of potential candidates in good times and bad, including many qualified people not explicitly looking for work through other avenues.

Christopher Frederick, for example, has been building relationships with executives across the broad spectrum of the real estate industry for more than two decades. On the digital side, we’ve also built a database of professionals tens of thousands strong to help locate specific talent across a wide cross-section of the industry. We’re engaged with our professional network, keeping more than 125,000 informed, educated and inspired by our monthly e-newsletter. As a result, our recruiting process is streamlined and discovers world-class executive candidates quickly and with sterling service.

The bottom line: Executive leadership builds business, and finding that talent demands the consideration and expertise of a professional. Hiring the right executive recruiter means finding a partner who does more than sift through online profiles and screen candidates for interviews. An executive recruiter should be a trusted adviser, using unique expertise and connections to help your company make a sound investment in its future.

At Christopher Frederick, we help our clients invest in the leadership that drives business forward. To learn more about how we can bring our resources and extensive experience to work for your firm, contact Chris Hingle at chingle@chrisfred.com or visit our website at www.chrisfred.com.

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