Career Advancement in the Digital Age: Get Ahead With an Online Self Evaluation

Christopher Frederick is excited to offer a new online assessment service that helps job seekers identify traits that make them stand out in a tough real estate job market and also gives employers an analytical tool to better understand their personnel.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, job seekers who appear proactive are most likely to succeed. Promoting one’s self using online resources, as the article notes, has become crucial for candidates wishing to set themselves apart. This is where Christopher Frederick’s version of the DiSC self-evaluation program can help you get ahead in a difficult economy.

During more than two decades of executive recruitment, Christopher Frederick founder Chris Hingle has helped real estate firms hire in all phases of the business cycle. He applied his experience during six months of research into assessment tools and chose DiSC for its superior reputation, thoroughness and ease of use. With more than 50 million users, the Everything DiSC profile is the world’s leading personal assessment tool. What’s more, the third generation of this research-validated model is highly personalized. Each profile provides in-depth information that includes specific strategies and an action plan tailored to each user.

For the job applicant fighting to stand out from the crowd, or for ambitious employees inspired to better their skills, a full DiSC profile report offers several distinct advantages:

1. The report identifies your strengths in both the workplace and your personal life. Socrates’ maxim “know thyself” is a powerful concept. Knowing with certainty what your strongest capabilities are helps you identify the most suiting opportunities.

2.  It improves your interaction with others. By becoming aware of how your personality traits guide your interactions in the workplace, you can foresee potentially disruptive conflicts and refine the way you communicate with people who approach problems from a different perspective.

3.  Affirming your strengths bolsters self-confidence in a tough economy. A strong sense of self-awareness can help you find and address the source of personal doubts. An inventory of your positive traits will bolster your confidence and, consequently, the odds of success in a long job search.

4.  It gives you increased depth in the eyes of employers. The more informed managers feel, the more confident they feel about an individual. Specific personality characteristics cited from a DiSC profile give companies insight beyond the bullet points on a resume.

For managers, DiSC assessments can help build a more productive and harmonious workplace by creating an inventory of employee strengths. And it’s efficient. Christopher Frederick is the only online DiSC provider that gives users the flexibility to customize the number of pages included in each report and access them as .pdfs or HTML files easily retrieved by hyperlink.

Whether you are a job seeker or management, the Everything DiSC profile is a proven tool that will empower you to excel. To learn more about how we can help you enhance your career, visit our website or contact Chris Hingle at

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