Born to Run: Identifying the talents that make leaders stand out

As the clouds continue to lift from the U.S. economy, we in real estate face the opportunity to grow and contribute like never before. As the market changed, so did our skills and our strengths as we created innovative ways to weather the downturn. A new economy calls for new goals and personal reflection on what each of us really wants to accomplish in the long term. This transition point in the market will open new doors and create opportunities to pursue leadership avenues that might not have seemed possible before.

It starts with attitude and belief. To seize on the new directions the real estate business is going to take, we must hearken back to when we had no limits placed on what we could accomplish. When kids are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” they never answer that question based on fear or on what they can’t do. It is always based on aspiration. True leaders and successful entrepreneurs approach the question the same way, allowing their dedication and confidence to override any fears of failure. Once they find a business they believe in, they feel as though they were born to run it.

Today’s executives need that youthful lack of limits. Coupled with the perseverance that carried them through the Great Recession, a company’s leaders should have the confidence to dismiss any doubts about their ability to achieve objectives they are passionate about. Likewise, the knowledge earned by doing business in the worst of times makes us all prepared like never before to approach a real estate market that will evolve and grow in new directions. Most of all, we have the chance to realign our efforts with those goals central to our lives and our careers—those traits that make us born to run!

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