Big Changes at Christopher Frederick – Better Services Will Help Companies and Job Candidates Alike

In today’s market, companies have no trouble attracting interest in their top positions. Not only has the economy created a surplus of real estate professionals seeking new jobs, the Web is saturated with places to put employment ads in front of potential candidates. Yet this shift in hiring has made the process less personal, and even less effective, as hiring managers often find themselves with a pool of potential talent that can seem a mile wide and an inch deep.

At Christopher Frederick we’re excited to introduce a cost-effective way to leverage the reach and speed of social networking while offering the screening expertise and customer service of a headhunter. For no upfront cost, firms can reach our network of real estate professionals 150,000 strong and let deeply experienced executive recruiter Chris Hingle find the strongest candidates among the respondents. Unlike impersonal job boards, we consult with each client to create a carefully tailored email announcement distributed only to parts of the country relevant to the employer. Furthermore, we make personal contact with exceptional candidates who might not respond to a job notice. This includes many high-quality people currently employed who are not actively searching for new positions. Potential candidates interact with Christopher Frederick, saving personnel departments the time and trouble of screening responses, then we pick the most qualified people for the client’s consideration.

This service’s cost also sets it apart from traditional executive recruiting. Our extensive and efficient network allows us to charge affordable fees that fit most real estate firms’ budgets, paid only if we find the perfect candidate. For more than 25 years, Christopher Frederick has conducted national executive searches for leading real estate companies. In recent years, times have changed for headhunters just as they have for everyone else. And Christopher Frederick is pleased to offer this completely new approach to recruitment that meets the needs of cost-conscious managers without sacrificing quality service.

To this end, we’ve also redesigned and our monthly newsletter. Give our new site a visit to learn more about the benefits of becoming part of our professional network, or read about how we can tailor a custom campaign for your next executive search. New offerings on the site include: regularly updated job listings, network information, newsletters and other tips on hiring and being hired in today’s economy.

To learn more about how we can help your company benefit from our unique new approach to executive search, contact firm principal Chris Hingle at Or visit our website at

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