Don’t Take Our Word For It: These Entrepreneurs Have all Experienced the Growth That Come With an Arthur Rutenberg Homes Franchise

These entrepreneurs have all witnessed the growth and resources that come with an Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchise for custom homebuilders:


“At the close of 2012, it was clear I needed to produce higher gross profit on each sale, but my expertise wasn’t in higher-end custom homes. The Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ franchise provided this higher-end expertise and an enormous amount of other value-added benefits, like a multi-platformed software package superior to anything I dealt with at all of my previous companies. The Arthur Rutenberg team can help you produce a model that is superior to your competitors’ architecture, design and interior decor. The execution of it is seamless. Over the four months our model has been open, we have contracted $1.6 million in sales. We anticipate $7 million in sales in 2015 from this one model home.”

Andrew J. Temmel, Founder, Oakmont Custom Homes in
Cincinnati, Ohio


“I’m still amazed at how well the franchise system works. It has allowed me to successfully grow my business in a down housing market. Our customers get the benefits of a local custom home-building company, while we operate with systems and resources that are better than the larger national builders’. I know this because I was an executive for one of those companies.”

Mitch Genda, Franchise Owner and President of Paragon Homes in
Charlotte, N.C.


“Having spent nearly 24 years in the Arthur Rutenberg Homes system in various capacities, most recently as a franchise owner, speaks volumes of our mutual commitment. First-class organization, superb support with software and designs second-to-none in the industry. I am proud to say I own an Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchise.”

Derek Nelson, Franchise Owner and President of Nelson Homes in
Sarasota, Fla.


“After 26 years in business as an independent builder we weren’t sure what a franchise could offer; initially the computer software offered by ARH was the motivation. Now after five years in the franchise, it’s one of the best business decisions we ever made; the training and support is second-to-none and of course the custom design department is directly attributable to our sales success.”

Jim Sanders, Franchise Owner and President of SandStar Homes in
Punta Gorda, Fla.


“I have been a housing analyst for many of the nation’s largest national and regional home builders and Arthur Rutenberg Homes has, since its inception, been in the very top tier of the firms that I have worked directly with or conducted research on.”

– Lewis Goodkin, CRE, FRICS, MIRM, Founder of Goodkin Consulting


ARH has hand-picked markets across the country that are ripe for growth in custom building. If you are an entrepreneur seeking the next level for your business – or if you are an experienced executive looking to strike out on your own – contact Chris Hingle at (713) 961-5582 or to learn more about this opportunity. With more than two decades of recruiting experience in the homebuilding industry, Hingle and Christopher Frederick Search Consultants have been retained to find the best candidates for this valuable program. Call today to learn more about the business support, architecture and sterling reputation that have made Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ franchise the best of its type for more than 20 years.

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